Should my live-streaming website include RTMP, or are http-based streaming formats adequate?

My first question is, “what are you live streaming”? Then, given your answer, what does it mean to be “live” in that environment?

For a TV show or sporting event, HTTP-based streaming will be fine. At RTMP Server, we have customers using HLS with 3–6 seconds of latency. This is negligible, even TV broadcasts have some delay.

For two-way communication with a video component, HLS or MPEG-Dash will likely be problematic. But, it seems like the industry hasn’t figured out the solution quite yet. Since Flash is getting auto-blocked almost everywhere, RTMP use is decreasing. I know some people who are exploring streaming with a WebRTC protocol, but that seems to be in its very early stages.

So how live do you really need to be? If you don’t have 2 way communication, it’s likely that HLS or Dash will work well for you.

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